A rather rough clay pendant, which I sculpted while visiting my friend at her internship place. She was working as a helper in a reconstructed slavic village, and one of her responsibilities was to show people traditional craft. It was really amazing day))

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Another trinket. This time I decided not to use any polymer elements, like beadles for example. So, this is cotton string, metal elements, glass, silver-pleated wire, three mountain crystals, two labradorites and two skulls carved from howlite.

A quick art trade with which turned into a normal drawing. I’m still trying to make a character and environment happen in one picture, so every opportunity to practice is a good one.
So, she requested Rayhe doing some field work. At first I tried to make him dig something out (he’s… I’d call him an archeologist due to lack of better word. Or a historician. Just… a scholar interested particularly in ancient Dunmer history, with focus on house Dagoth and Ashlanders), but when I looked at it later I thought that this doesn’t look convincing enough. So, this is Rayhe, stopping whatever he was doing and realizing, that he probably should get his ass back to the camp, because there is an ashstorm approaching.

I’m quite satisfied with this one, even if I… kind of a mistook morrowind flora with deadlands flora. Which of course I realized quite late, and just ignored for the sake of aesthetics. But I couldn’t restrain myself from doing a small edit to one step of drawing. Rayheeeededed
I don’t know what did he smoke this time, but getting stoned enough to go to Oblivion to pick some flowers surely is quite an acchievment, even for his standards. xD

I have a camera. I have Photoshop. I went to the woods yesterday. The internet must know.

Realizing that I can actually make my photos look artsy without any effort - justlazythings

I thing I just found out what Photoshop was invented for. After all these years. Gods, I;m so dumb.


This idea, in form of a rough sketch in my notebook, was hanging around for more than a week in my mind already. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really enjoyed listening to Iorveth commanding his men to attack, taunting enemies and generally shouting something during battle sequences. I’m not sure how he sounds in english version, but in the one I play he just… is really fierce and aggressive, but still with a hint of laugh and taunt. He just sounds like someone who is not afraid of risking his life for the right cause, but also learned to enjoy the battle itself. I’d say he puts a lot of heart into it. And that really suits this character well.
Another thing which I love about his voice is, that he actually sounds quite young and even cheerfull from time to time. It seems a bit odd at first, when you look at his face and remember his history, but then again - he actually is quite young, or at least not really old yet. He is one of Scoia’tael, which were mainly young nonhumans, cornered yet still idealistic, fighting for their future, or at least wanting to avenge the past. And those who survived have been dragged through hell. And it surely influenced their looks.
So, here’s the happy Iorveth running around some grim Aedirn grassland. With comic blood splatter effect. Come on, you know that I love this comic blood splatter effect.
And btw, running around the grim Aedirn grassland and mountains surrounding Vergen and the Nilfgaardian camp was the best part of the game for me. So damn atmospheric, even if a bit funny how I was running around their camp, obviously very… not hidden, and nobody came out to kill me xD

Think outside the box

or “What do you mean by «this doesn’t look like in the manual»?!” xD

This is my - quite delayed - part of art trade with This time I decided to draw Meretar in his natural habitat again, but instead of just standing around and looking cool I tried to make a scene with him working on animunculi, made out of other dwarven automatons. I love the idea of him making one thing into another just to see if it works, how it works and… well, because he can. Ah, scientists. (I like him more and more the more I know about him xD)

The Plaguebringer

A pencil sketch which I coloured in Photoshop as a warm-up before going back to real work. I had a little… productivity crisis lately and I’m slowly getting my ass together.
Inspiration was “Morowa Dziewica” a creature from slavic mythology, which can be roughly translated to “virgin of pestilence”. She was an embodiment of the air and plague, pale, sickly-looking woman, who used to wander through the world in dirty, white clothes. From time to time she would stick to a certain person, who then carried her from one city to another, spreading the plague. She was one of the most fearful beings, since there was no way to stop her or to fight her. For quite a long time the “air” was mentioned in the christian prayers, next to famine, fire and war, as the worst kind of misfortune.
Okay, but why the fire and incense burner? Well, for a very long time these two were believed to protect from the plague. The incense was supposed to cleanse the air, and it obiously was connected with the religious beliefs. Not really effective against the plague though. Fire was also believed to be able to cleanse everything, and here it was somehow reasonable - burning the bodies of plague victims was one of few effective ways to prevent it from spreading. This is why her hands are tied with the burner’s chain)

PS: I tried to write the quotation from prayer in latin, but I do not trust google translator :|
If anybody knows latin I’d be really grateful for help.…

A Regular Son of a Whore

That’s what I’m doing during lectures about scandinavian politics, economy, theory of translation and other repetitive stuff which we have in our schedule this year, again. Drawing Iorweth. I’d probably draw other things, which I should be drawing right now, but there are some limits of impertinence after all. And I think that bringing laptop and tablet definitely is crossing the line.
I always get something with the clothes wrong, when doing fanart, because I usually draw when I’m away. So I draw them how I remember them. And hope that I didn’t screw them up too much xD
Also, sorry for the weird font - the text was in my native language and I forgot to replace it with translation before I scanned the drawing >_>

I finished playing Witcher 2 for the first time recently, and I have to admit that despite all the flaws, bad ideas (especially ones regarding fighting system) and other things which I did not like, I think it’s a damn good game. Before playing it, as usually, I knew almost nothing, just watched some concept art and a trailer. But - looking at all the hype around the character and his look - I assumed that Iorweth is going to be Fenris number 2. A brooding emo-elf with issues, trying to be jaded and indifferent, actually being rather annoying, traumatized and… well, emo. And since I didn’t like Fenris, I assumed that Iorweth will generally annoy me with his angsty-emo attitude and constant bitching about everything.
And I never was so wrong. During the course of the story I began to really like him and the way he is build as a character - bitter and jaded, but also stubborn, strong and quite… both desperate and reasonable in his fight. Not to avenge the elder blood, not to simply make humanity suffer, but because he believed that there still is something what can be done, that there is still hope in this fight. And with time he began to act really friendly - and sometimes caring - around others. Also, I loved how sarcasm and taunt are his second language. And he definitely got my approval by NOT sharing any tragic story of his past, including the one explaining why his face looks like a battlefield. He plays flute instead. That’s my kind of elf. xD…